Styles at your doorstep.


Eclips is a hair grooming house call service paired with a software application to provide convenient, affordable, and stylist haircuts.
Our mission is to provide quality service, less wait time, and more style at your door steps.


Search and review barber profiles in your area and pick one that meets your stylish criteria.


Book a Barber on-demand or schedule up to a week in advance that fits your schedule.


Grab a chair, sit back and relax. Get ready for a quality haircut delivered to you.

Our Vision

Our multi-feature platform allows users to find the best Barber to meet their haircut needs. Barber profiles are showcased in a transparent and informative fashion that allows users to select a Barber based on rating, distance, haircut style, experience and more! Best of all, users can favorite their Barber and stay in touch through our messaging contact system.

Our App
Our Story

Our Story

College is a time where most students cannot afford something as simple as a Haircut. Seeing a need, Esperanza began providing haircuts to peers where word-of-mouth traveled quick. The main concern for her peers besides affordability was convenience and unable to find the "right" Barber. Barbershops have been around for 100 years. In an age of technology, Melissa and Esperanza set out to combine the best of both worlds by meeting the needs of Affordability, Convenience and finding the right Barber for each client. We introduced ECLIPS (formerly Swave).